NANHRI calls for prosecution of Libya migrant auctioning perpetrators

A man holds a placard reading “No to slavery in Libya” during a march against “slavery in Libya” in Paris, France. Photo/AFP.

The Network of African National Human Rights Institutions has called for quick investigations and prosecution of perpetrators behind the migrant slave auctioning claims in Libya.

The Network, which is the umbrella body of the 44 African National Human Rights Institution, asked the government of Libya to hasted the investigations and prosecute the perpetrators.

The investigations, the Network said in a statement, should be spread across the country with the help of the Libyan NHRI, the National Council of Civil Liberties and Human Rights (NCCLHR) and other human rights stakeholders.

“We ask the government of Libya to involve the National Council of Civil Liberties and Human Rights (NCCLHR) and other human rights stakeholders in monitoring and reporting on the migrant and human rights situation in the country. The NCCLHR should also be involved in unearthing hidden detention and auctioning points for action,” the statement read.

Early this week, a CNN Television exclusive report claimed that migrants from various parts of the continent are auctioned in more than five towns in Libya, with Tripoli- the capital city- being on the leading list.

The North Africa State is a transit and exit point for migrants from Africa to Europe.

Similarly, the Network urges the Summit of the Head of States of the African Union to call on Libyan Authorities to end immediately these practices of slave trade and to improve the conditions of African migrants on their territory accordingly to SDGs- 2030 Agenda and the AU Agenda 2063 providing that “No One is left behind”.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights says the victims are kidnapped, trafficked and sold to offer cheap labour.

In addition to beatings and sexual harassments, the victims are also tortured and starved.

The Network also wishes to call upon international, regional and local human rights defenders to monitor the unfolding human rights situation in Libya for the purposes of upholding due process of human rights mechanisms, as a way of ensuring accountability and that victims access available forms of remedies.

Click here to download the NANHRI statement.

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