NANHRI suggests inclusion of National Council for Human Rights in Ending Violent Extremism

Egyptian security officer keep the public off the suspected terror scene.
Photo/ Mailonline.

The Network of African National Human Rights Institutions has asked the Government of Egypt to include the National Council for Human Rights of Egypt in progressive efforts of dealing with violent extremism.

NANHRIasked the North African State to rope in the the national human rights institution through a statement shared with the NCHR.

The call from the Network, which brings together at least 44 national human rights institutions in Africa, was accompanied by a condolence message to the families and friends of the casualties of the November 24, 2017 suspected terror attack that left 305 people dead and over 120 injured.

The attack has been described as one of the deadliest terror incident in the history of Egypt.

The government of Egypt mounted a multi security agency to track down the suspected perpetrators of the Bir al-Abed mosque in the Northern Sinai Province. The Network called for extra caution to avoid further human rights violations during the operation.

“We urge the Government of Egypt to allow for monitoring of the security operations by the National Council for Human Rights of Egypt and other interested stakeholders. This would ensure accountability at the end of the exercise and give more insights and impetus to the future proactive strategies of countering violent extremism,” the statement signed by the Chairperson Madeline Nirere read.

The Network also asked the government to incorporate human rights education and other measure the NCHR is taking in promoting nationalism among the citizens.

Click here to download the full NANHRI statement.

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