Becoming a Member

Membership of the Network is open to all NHRI's in the African region. A national institution wishing to become a member of the Network shall present a request for admission to the Steering Committee, which, shall clearly indicate whether the institution has been established in conformity with the Paris Principles and should be justified and accompanied by the necessary documentation. The institution should equally ensure that its enabling legislation is in conformity with the present constitution of the Network.

An NHRI that is seeking membership as an Associate member of the Network shall clearly indicate this in the request for admission. It should also demonstrate that its interests and activities correspond to the present constitution of the Network and outline what measures it intends to take to ensure compliance with the Paris Principles within a period of not more than two years.

A Full Member may recommend the admission of another organization as an observer member provided that this proposal is in writing and addressed to the Steering Committee justifying that the national organization in question meets the requirements for observer status.