Network of African National Human Rights Institutions




The Network of African National Human Rights Institutions (NANHRI) is a membership organization that supports the establishment and strengthening of national human rights institutions (NHRIs) in Africa . It provides practical assistance and support to its individual member institutions to enable them to more effectively undertake their mandate of human rights protection, monitoring, promotion and advocacy NANHRI is currently implementing 2015- 2019 Strategic plan.

A key pillar of this plan is the recognition of the need to remain vigilant in anticipating and addressing emerging challenges to human rights and the subsequent prioritization of the same. NHRIs must be vigilant on emerging human rights issues that include conflict management, resolution and peace building; Business and Human Rights; International Terrorism and National Security, Sexual orientation and Gender Identity issues among others.

NANHRI in this plan has identified groups who are potentially more vulnerable in so far as human rights protection is concerned and it shall seek to actively implement programmes for the benefit of these groups. These groups include children, women, and persons living with disabilities among others.

Apart from the aforementioned focus areas, NANHRI will also seek to actively strengthen NHRI operations with regard to particular core NHRI functions and these include Complaints handling and investigations; Awareness raising, education, training, and research (including national inquiries and campaigns); Cooperation with civil society; and Engagement with regional and international bodies and mechanisms.